UPDATE from Kathy Andre-Eames:  My autobiography and George's biography has been published by Pelican Publishing Com.:  WARRIOR FOR JUSTICE:  The George Eames Story.  Is is available at Barnes & Noble and also at    Also, the MOVIE, based on the book, is in development,  "A Small, Temporary Inconvenience--produced and directed by Cleve Bailey, Jr.   Follow developments on book and movie on the Facebook page .


     From my wheelchair where I've been for over 50 years, I've served the Civil Rights community in varied functions.  When I came home from the Veterans Hospital in New Orleans  after being shot in 1956, one of my favorite nurses (who was white)  told me,  "I know you want to go home and get the white man who shot you; but Junior,  what you should do is go home and make sure that nothing like this ever happens to a young black man like you again."  That was the best option.  It gave direction to my life.

     In the process of building this site, Kathy and I have gone through thousands of photos and documents.  We've tried to select a balanced representation (and will continue to do so!); however, with so much material, it's inevitable that we have omitted names of supporters and hard workers whom we should have acknowledged with names or pictures.  Know that I deeply appreciate all that you have done with and for me in the past.  Any omissions were unintentional.   If you recognize someone we could not identify, contact me with the information.

I've been telling people for several years now, as I see the disintegregation, violence among our young people, etc. that the title of my book would be The Destruction of the Human Termites--because termites destroy the infrastructure of a building.  As it turns out, this "book," the Website, has a a different title.  It is about the support and building of the infrastructure of our black community and the inner city.  I'm so proud of those who choose to build instead of to tear down. 



     For years people have been telling George he should write a book.  For years he has been looking at me, the professed writer, as the ghost author of that book.  I think this site is it!  So much work and writing have gone into the design and building of this site, I believe I have written a book--of sorts.  More important, having researched the internet, I don't find anything of its kind presenting the civil rights struggle that took place and is still taking place in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Though the history is told through the experiences and events surrounding the life of my husband, G. Washington Eames, Jr, key names and events are presented as objectively as possible.  Hopefully, this site may be an important resource for the citizens and especially the children of East Baton Rouge Parish, and a memorial to the hundreds of women, men, and young people who made contributions, no matter how seemingly small, to the progress we have made.   

               God bless you!